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        Lightweight aluminum cane#26017

        SKU# 26017

        • A well-constructed Fold-able and Adjustable Cane
        • Dimension: Aluminum Pole ø19mm & ø22mm
        • Length: 75cm-85cm
        • Material: Aluminum pole, slip-resistance rubber shoe, wood handle
        • Weight: 0.313 kg
        • Made in Taiwan


        • The aluminum shaft allows this cane to be lightweight, durable and adjustable.
        • Wood made handle shapes to make the perfect fit.
        • Push-button adjustment mechanism is sturdy and east-to-use.
        • Length adjusted by personal favor.
        • They fold up easily and stores away neatly.
        • Using larger rubber shoe to more steady. 
        • Colorful and vivid design can be a decorating of life.
        Folding canes can be a great medical supportive device but also for travel or everyday use.
        To keep the quality, our canes are all Made in Taiwan.
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