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        Curtain Pole Ball Finial

        SKU# 114701

        • Curtain Pole Ball Finial
        • Suitable for curtain pole diameter 45mm(1-3/4")
        • Ball diameter 63mm
        • Overall size:63x63x89mm
        • Color:Antique Brass, Nickel Mat
        • Material : steel ball & zinc alloy base 


        • Color options:Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome or custom colors 
        • Classic shape and simple design. The 1-3/4" Ball finial decorates your window with inherent beauty.
        • The 1-3/4" Ball Finials are designed to easily screw onto the end of a curtain pole.
        • YEKER CO., LTD based in Taiwan, major products are curtain poles, curtain finials, decorative curtain rod accessories and drapery hardware.
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