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        Superior Kiddy Cots

        SKU# 7201018

        • Superior Kiddy Cots, Kiddie cots
        • Weight: 3.3KG
        • Size: 135cmx58cmx15cm
        • The product contains : nylon mesh sheetx1pc, sturdy foot made of PPx4pcs, long steel tubex2pcs, short steel tubex2pcs
        • Weight capacity: 50 kgs




        • School cot for kids. 
        • Safte and Comfortable. Easily assemble and washable. 
        • Stackable 
        • Thickness of steel tube is 1.4mm, the structure is strong and durable.
        • We are a manufacturer of Kiddy Cots, Children's cots, Superior Kiddy Cot, Kiddie cots, Stackable Kiddie Cot, travel cot, Toddler Cots, Portable Children's Travel Cot.
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