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        Wooden Stretch Board / slant board

        SKU# 24501

        • Wooden Stretch Board / slant board
        • Size:40x26.7x10.5cm
        • Weight:3.9kg
        • Load Capacity:100kg
        • Material:solid juniper
        • Thickness : 27mm
        • Adjust to 3 position : 18°, 23°, 31°


        • Adjustable wooden calf stretch board is a calf stretching device designed to increase flexibility and reduce tightness
        • Easy storage 
        • Non-slip bottom
        • MADE IN TAIWAN
        • We are a manufacturer of wooden calf stretch board, slant board, adjustable stretch board, wooden Stretch Board, Calf Board, yoga slant board.
        • CNC Woodworking


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