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On Becoming a Yoga Instructor

At this stage yoga is not regulated in the sense of there being a Federal exam. But you can take a 300 hour yoga certification charlotte nc and, having been processed through, come out the other side as Asana the wonder-teacher of yoga.

That said, you won’t be surprised to hear that the government is looking at the possibility of regulating the yoga industry. In some ways that makes sense. Yoga classes can be intense, hot yoga sessions drive up the pulse and the blood pressure. The industry itself is broadly against regulation on the basis of it being redundant and if it were to take place it would drive the cost up. 

However things work out, the important thing is your yoga teacher understands the fundamentals –articulated as don’t push someone further that are able and above all – do no harm.

Taking a yoga certification class and becoming a yoga teacher will change your life – literally and metaphorically. From a literal perspective what you will be able to do is be in touch with your body more than you can ever imagine. It will become new to you all over when it begins to work as it should and when it does things that you never expected of it.

300 hour yoga certification charlotte nc

Metaphorically, you will be able to pass that same gift onto others. You will recognize as they make their way through a journey you felt yourself. You will have the feelings of comprehension understanding and shared experience which makes all human interaction rich and valuable.

In the west, yoga tends to be a secular practice. In the east it is a more spiritual exercise. But most people find themselves somewhere between the two. There’s definitely something spiritual if only at the level of peace, inner strength and calm. If you’ve ever had the taste for it, why not give it a try?