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Medical assistant far cry from nursing sister?

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Aspirant medical practitioners may be resolved to becoming a medical assistant. Short of the resources to attend medical school, high school leavers and college students would do their careers no harm in registering for an introductory medical assistant training nyc workshop.

This short induction should also go some way in helping would-be students overcome such a broad definition for a role that can be no less important than that of the chief surgeon or specialist practitioner. A medical assistant could be no more than someone working at a front or reception desk. And yet that role is important.

The medical assistant’s job description and clinical tasks would have to be clearly defined. And the front desk job cannot be regarded as any less important than that of the assistant directly involved in a clinical or surgical procedure in the doctor’s rooms.

The role of the medical assistant or MA should never be taken lightly. MA’s will continue to maintain an essential presence in the broad-based health services sector. The surgery receptionist’s tasks, for instance, are indicative of a defined skillset and knowledge. There can be no margin of error when communicating with patients over the phone about an impending medical procedure and the scheduling of appointments.

The role of the nursing sister, on the other hand, is quite removed from that of the medical assistant. She will be closely associated with an inpatient’s physical and emotional wellbeing before, during and after a clinical or surgical procedure has been performed.

It would also be wrong to assume that the nursing sister fulfills a far more senior and responsible role than the medical assistant. And yet, through academic learning and in-house training, there are clinical tasks that they will be well-equipped to attend to in the absence of the medical practitioner or doctor.

Prior to embarking on any form of training within the health services sector, it is, in most cases, not compulsory to follow through on an aptitude test. And yet, there are personality traits that the aspirant professional should be acutely aware of.

When going into a niche or specialist area, such traits could become vital, if not essential. In dealing directly with distressed patients, you would be required to be positive at all times and exhume uncharacteristic levels of empathy. And at all times, patients and their doctors would expect you to be highly professional and capable in your position.

Elsewhere, it has always been said that honesty is the best policy. That could be a challenge when it is required of you to be quite frank towards a patient. But if you are naturally gifted with integrity, harnessing those essential people centered skills should come with time, practice and experience.

All in all, starting out as an MA could turn out to be a good career move if your heart is set on the medical professions. After a few years of servitude, and a good reputation, you could set yourself up to follow in the footsteps of your superiors.